Ready. Set. Record.

Hey Lovebugs,

I know it seems like you’re hearing a lot from me for the new year. As promised I’ve made an exceptional effort to be better at this whole thing.

Today I want to share with you a new show I found that premier’s tonight on BET – yes the same one known for the The Game and Being Mary Jane (currently on winter break along with our usual faves).

I know, I know – but I couldn’t help it as it stars my girl Brandy Yearwood. Now if any of your guys are like me, who grew up seeing this beautiful singing sensation on your screens as Moesha – and more recently featured on The Game, you can understand my excitement.ZEA15_BANNER_300x600_dated

A preview of the pilot episode of the romantic comedy, Zoe Ever After, hit the web over the weekend which I was fortunate to view – it seems to have been removed from Facebook due to privacy issues. In the mean time check out the promo here.

The show centers around Zoe Moon, who is separated from her celebrity boxer husband, Gemini Moon (Dorian Missick). Together, the two have to find a way to co-parent their eight-year-old son Xavier, while Zoe finds a way to balance her new duties as a cosmetic company maven, dating and single motherhood – of course not without some comedic relief.

Will you be watching? Let me know.

Hugs and Sunshine,



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