Today is an AMAZING day for me. It’s officially been one year since I began this crazy journey! I can’t even believe it! Thank you all for your continued support.

With that being said today’s #FunFactFriday is an extra special one! In the spirit of growing with the blog, I decided to make this a bit more personal by sharing some fun facts about myself.

Yeek! I know.

Hope you all enjoy getting to know a bit better.

Fun Facts


I’m undoubtedly not a morning person. I love the night time – I thrive on late night work binges.

I can’t STAND the cold but I love my city! Go figure!

Though I love my denim, I do have an addiction to summer dresses (maxis, minis, midis -) you name it – I love it. They’re just so comfortable.

I’m the Queen of French fries – correction potatoes!!

Despite my love for the ultra carb – I also loooovvee veges – matter of fact, I love food. Period. Sadly my diet can be limited by my allergies.

Favourite stores to shop at are Zara, Forever 21, Banana Republic, The Loft, The limited, Joe Fresh and J Crew Factory, just to name a few.

I HATE running…I would do any other form of cardio…heck I’d take a light jog but all out, full on sprinting…uh…that’s a no. Sucks that running a marathon’s on my bucket list though, so there’s something for me to get over.

My must have makeup item is mascara. I’ve always been told I have really nice eyes so even on my no make-up days I’ll always ensure to put on a few swipes just to help my eyes pop.54ffd0060c8d0-mascara-2-origmaster1

My favorite color is purple. Any shade you can think of.

Tea. Not coffee – it does not agree with me, however I do love me a good pumpkin spice latte in the fall or iced caramel frap. in the summer!

Favorite lip shade –  red – matte (MAC Ruby Woo I’m looking at you) or nude. Typically I love my good old lip balm, if it’s got a subtle hint of color, like the Burt’s Bees ones, even better.

some of the shades that I would wear

I love cooking, if that can be considered a hobby.

Guilty pleasure – ratchet TV. i.e. reality television – *cover eyes* I know. I know. *sigh – or anything chocolate, preferably Nutella.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you guys enjoyed this one.

Hugs and sunshine,



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